miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Adverbs of manner

Say to Maria that she have to came quickly, please!
You have to drive carfully if you don't want to have an accident.
Everything will be good if you do it well.

Adverbs of degree

I'm very worried about my next exam.
The film was really boring.
I'm quite happy because today is my birthday.

Since and For

I have been in this school since 1990.
I lived in Andalucia for two years.

-ing or -ed

Yesterday I saw a very boring film at the cinema.
Peter is a very interesting person.

Have got and have

Do you have a pen?
Have you got a pink t-shirt?

Will have done

Before you arrive, I will have gone to my house.
I start at 10 o´clock, so I will have gone to the gym at 9.30 in the evening.

Will, be going

Are you going to the party tomorrow? No, tomorrow I will be having a dinner with my mum.
Tomorrow I will be travelling to London and You will be staying at home.

Be going to

I'm going to visit my cousin next monday.
I go out becouse I'm going to talk with Pepa.


Shall I close the door?
Shall we go to the cinema tonight?


I will not go to his house.
When you came to my house, I will open the door.

Present tenses for the future

Are you going to the disco tomorrow?
I start my english clases at 6 o'clock

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2008

Past Perfect Continuous

He was so dirty because he had been cleaning the chimeney.
She had been watching TV, just before her mother came in to the room.
It had been raining when I looked out of the window.
I was tired because I had been playing tennis.

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been living here since 2002.
I have been going to English classes.
She has been eating too much.
We have been running for twenty minutes.

Past Perfect

They couldn't believe what had happened.
He had phoned before you arrived.
We hadn't left the house when the taxi arrived.
When I arrived, she had just gone out.

Present Perfect

I have seen that movie a lot of times.
My dad has been a doctor for fifteen years.
I have been here for two hous.
I have read this book very quickly.

Past Continuous

You were eating when I call?
I was watching TV when Lina call me.
Yesterday at this time I was cooking.
I was working when they were in class.

Present Continuous

My mum is not washing the dishes.
I'm writing in my blogfolio now.
I'm stuying to become a teacher.
I'm meeting some friends after university.

Past Simple

Last year, I didn't travel to Barcelona.
Did you go to the universty yesterday?
I lived in Argentina for 2 months.
I studied Germany when I was 15.

present simple

My name is Miriam and I'm from Ibiza.
The restaurant opens in the morning.
The bus leaves at 5 o'clock.
I wash the dishes every day.