miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

Relative clauses non defining

My sister, who lives in France, is going to came next week to stay with me.
Elephants that love mice are very unusual.
Elephants, which are large and grey, can sometimes be found in zoos.

Relative clauses defining

The girl who is sitting there, is my friend.
The sofa that is there, is really confortable.
The hotel where I was, is very spensive.

Reported speech

He says that he speaks English.
Pedro said that he had driven a car before that.


This university was founded in 1980.
The letter was written by Maria.


I wish you would start your work.
I wish I knew the answer.

Conditional (Type 3)

I have been in te university, they wouldn't have done the exam.
If you had studied, you could have passed the exam.

Conditional (Type 2)

If I go to the university, I could study.
If I earned some money, I would buy a car.

Conditional (type 1)

If I study, I will pass the exam.
If I earn some money, I will buy a new car.

Can/ Shall (Requests, offers and suggestions)

You shall live tomorrow.
I shall go to the store.
Can you give me the paper?
You can smoke if you want.

Do you mind/ would you mind/ would you like (Requests, offers and suggestions)

What would you like to watch in the tv?
Would you mind if I borrowed this book?
Do you mind if I take another piece of cake?

Can/ Could (Requests, offers and suggestions)

Can came to my house?
Could I help you with your homework?

I've found a new page for students

I've found a new page for teachers


My biography

My name is Miriam Ruiz Martinez and I was born in Ibiza, 31st January of 1987.
I grew up in Puig d'en Valls, where I went to the school.I remember that I didn't like my teachers too much, but I was a good student.
At that time I was living with my parents.In 1995 my brother was born.
I started high school, when I was 14 and I went to " IES Blancadona".I have been a good student all my life.
My first job was as a flamenco dancer, when I was 16 years old. I worked in this job for 4 summers.
In 2003 I started to work with children in " Sa Real" summer school, at the same time I was dancing flamenco in the evenings.
At this time I realised that I wanted to be a teacher and in 2004 I started my studies at university.
I had a very dificult year in 2006 and I missed a lot of classes at the university, that's the reason why now I have to stay one more year.
Now, I'm studying at university, this is my last year. This winter I have started working in a bar at the weekend to have some extra money.
I think in the near future I will go to Brcelona to get a "Master", and after that probably I will give come back to ibiza to start work as a teacher.
I'd like to give flamenco classes in the afternoon, for childrens who need special attention.
I think it's a good opportunity to do my two favourite things at the same time.
In the future I'd like to travel around the world.
Probably , when I earn enoutgh money I will buy a house, if is posible, in Puig d'en Valls.

martes, 20 de enero de 2009

Must/ Can't (Speculation, deduction and probability)

She can't be at home, there is not ligth in the window.
I can't drive the car because I don't have the keys.
She must be happy because she has a new brother.

May not/ Might not or mightn't/ could not or couldn't (Speculation, deduction and probability)

I'm working hard but I think I may not have holidays.
She mightn't pass the exam because she didn't study.
When I was a child I couldn't drive a car.

May/ Might/ Could (Speculation, deduction and probability)

She migth come soon tonigth.
She could be lost.
I may be in the wrong room.

Can/ Could/ May (Permission)

May I sit here, please?
You couldn't smoke on the bus.
Your friends can stay here if they want.

Can/ Could/ Be able to (Ability and Knowledge)

I can dance flamenco.
Maria can play the piano very well.
Could you open the door please?
I'll be able to speak italian next year.

Should/ Ought to/ had better (Advice)

You look tired, I think you should take a few days off.
It's rainning, you'd better take your umbrella.
You ougth to call you friend to thank her.

musn't (prohibition)

You musn't smoke here.
You musn't croos the street now.

Need to

If you need something please call me.
I need a free day.

Need to

Don't have to/ don't need to/ needn't (No obligation)

I don't have to go to the university today because is optional.
You don't have to pass the test.
We needn't come to my house, we can go to your house.
You didn't need to wake up this morning because is sunday.

Must and have to (obligation)

You must study if you want to pass the exam.
I have to go to the work today.

countable and uncountable nouns

I don't have money, but you have much money.
There is some water in that pitcher.
I have a beautiful black dog.

singular and plural nouns

When I was 11 years old I didn't have a lamp in my room, and now I have two lamps.
I don't like to clean the dishes.
Sometimes I buy one pen, sometimes I buy more than one pen.
I like my city, I think is one of the best cities in the world.