miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

My biography

My name is Miriam Ruiz Martinez and I was born in Ibiza, 31st January of 1987.
I grew up in Puig d'en Valls, where I went to the school.I remember that I didn't like my teachers too much, but I was a good student.
At that time I was living with my parents.In 1995 my brother was born.
I started high school, when I was 14 and I went to " IES Blancadona".I have been a good student all my life.
My first job was as a flamenco dancer, when I was 16 years old. I worked in this job for 4 summers.
In 2003 I started to work with children in " Sa Real" summer school, at the same time I was dancing flamenco in the evenings.
At this time I realised that I wanted to be a teacher and in 2004 I started my studies at university.
I had a very dificult year in 2006 and I missed a lot of classes at the university, that's the reason why now I have to stay one more year.
Now, I'm studying at university, this is my last year. This winter I have started working in a bar at the weekend to have some extra money.
I think in the near future I will go to Brcelona to get a "Master", and after that probably I will give come back to ibiza to start work as a teacher.
I'd like to give flamenco classes in the afternoon, for childrens who need special attention.
I think it's a good opportunity to do my two favourite things at the same time.
In the future I'd like to travel around the world.
Probably , when I earn enoutgh money I will buy a house, if is posible, in Puig d'en Valls.

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